A lot of customers tell us that they have difficulty locating Mountain Treasures off of Tuolumne Road.  So, I have prepared a specific location description so you can find the store while driving.

First, start with the “Find Us” page for a map of our general location.

If you are coming from Sonora on Mono Way, or Highway 108, you should turn right on Tuolumne Road.  Tuolumne Road leads to the Junction Shopping Center and to Tuolumne City and the Black Oak Casino.  After you turn onto Tuolumne Road you will see the following:

Tuolumne Road from Mono Way

Notice the blue and white “Mountain Treasures” sign next to the “Randy’s Wheels” sign to the right in the photo.  You should turn onto the access road to Mountain Treasures and Randy’s Wheels after this sign.

Here’s a closer look at the blue and white “Mountain Treasures” sign as you approach the access road:

Mountain Treasures Sign on Tuolumne Road

If you are coming from the Junction Shopping Center, Tuolumne City, or Black Oak Casino, you will see this sign on your left:

Mountain Treasures Sign

You should turn left onto the access road in front of this sign to reach Mountain Treasures.

Once you turn onto the access road, you will see the following:

Access Road Entrance

You should drive down the short grade to the railroad tracks.  Stop at the “Stop” sign and then cross the tracks (of course you will want to look for a train coming from either direction before proceeding).  Continue up the short grade on the other side of the tracks.

Next you will see the graveled entrance area for Mountain Treasures and Randy’s Wheels:

Entrance Area

Look to  your left and you will see Mountain Treasures.  Park anywhere there is space on the concrete apron in front of the warehouse at Mountain Treasures.

Mountain Treasures

If all else fails and you still can’t find the store, give us a call at 532-3356 and we will drive to your location and lead you to the store.