LANA – Our “Spark Plug”


SHAWN – Our “Muscle”




CALI – May I help you?


AMBER – What is it, exactly, that you want?


BUDDY – I’m tired, go see Cali or Amber.


 A Short History of the Store

In August 2008, Lana Busby opened the new Mountain Treasures at 13643 Tuolumne  Road, Sonora.  She started with a small inventory and began her store operations in 5,000 square feet of an existing warehouse.

Between 2009 and 2011, Lana was the primary operator for the store, working five to six days per week.  Also during this time, she expanded the store’s operation to include vendors who rented space from Mountain Treasures.  She constructed a series of booths and rented them to the vendors who then brought in their own items to sell.

In the Spring of 2011 , Shawn, who is Lana’s son, joined the store and began assisting with the store operations.

In the Fall of 2011, Sonora Mattress moved out of their portion of the warehouse and Lana then rented the rest of the building.  This resulted in an expansion of an additional 2,300 square feet of floor space.  More vendor booths were built in the “new” section and by 2012, the store had a total of 7,300 square feet of floor space and thirty vendors.